Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bucktown Apple Pie Contest

The annual Beth gets her ass handed to her, pouts about losing, and eats her own weight in apple pie day Bucktown Apple Pie Contest was today.

So, what did I learn?

1. People love booze. People will buy slices of a pie that is pasty as hell and is swimming in juice if it has bourbon in it.
2. Store-bought refrigerated pie dough is even easier to spot than I thought.
3. Even though it is the Bucktown APPLE Pie Contest, inevitably an old man will ask where the pecan pie can be found. Not joking.
4. The contest is more fun when you have friends (Courtney and Kristal) to commiserate with.

5. Don't judge a pie by it's crust. Sometimes the ugly ones are the tastiest. (Shout out to Kristal and Joel - yours was so good!)
6. I am overly competitive and need to learn to be a graceful loser. I think that I used to be better at this. Perhaps my pride has grown over the years? My pouty face is ugly and shouldn't be shown in public.
7. It's important to write down what kinds of apples are used in your filling, because the farmers market sells about a gazillion different varieties, and you'll never be able to replicate it without detailed notes. Ever.
8. I really, really, really love pie.


glamah16 said...

Ready for next year? Seriously you made the day great.I'm still licking my wounds.

Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun. Wish I could have joined it with you and Courtney.

maris said...

your food makes me happy. wish i could be there to taste it. talk to you next month during our annual phone call!