Saturday, August 8, 2009

Wedding Cake - Mission Complete

Summertime finally decided to visit Chicago this weekend. After weeks of glorious, mild temperatures and lots of sunshine, Mother Nature unleashed a beast of a heatwave, with choking humidity to boot. I don't mind the warmth; I like it actually. Chocolate mousse filled cakes with real buttercream frosting, however, don't appreciate it. All of that cream and butter weep with heat, and even wedding cake novices know better than to suggest these types of cakes for summer events. Of course, a four-tiered yellow caked filled with said mousse and frosting was today's order. I'm a dumbass for agreeing to a mousse-filled cake in mid-August, but I'm also a dumbass who likes a good challenge. Extreme caution and proper temperature control was crucial. The cake was delivered to a mansion in Oak Park and stacked on site with a little help from my sister Colleen. She excelled at her rookie wedding cake delivery, blasting the AC in the delivery car, and only smudging the cake with her finger once, and in a manner that was easily fixed. Thanks for the help Miss Col!