Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your Attention Please!

After months of begging and pleading by friends and strangers, The Agnostic Servant has resumed blogging. Be regaled with horrifying tales of life from behind the concierge desk at one of Chicago's most she-she* hotels.

Without further ado, I present How May I Whelp You?**

*Is that really how you spell that term? Is it chi-chi? No. That's the nasty Mex-American restaurant chain from the '80s.

**Dad, in the unlikely event that you continued reading this post after the hyperlink, please try to contain your excitement. Your prodding played a large part in The Servant coming out of retirement.

1 comment:

chumley said...

he's a shit writer, but he's published about 10 to your 1 posts since you put this post up. how about, ya know - a little something for your adoring fans?