Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cafe Orchid

I didn't even know that there was a restaurant next to that one florist that's across the street from the Dunkin Donuts at the awkward intersection of Addison, Lincoln, and Ravenswood. It's hidden away, partially by location and partially by its complete lack of curb appeal. Last night, I had the epiphany that many others have already experienced. Cafe Orchid totally rocks.

Our group of six dined on flavorful Turkish specialties, including stuffed grape leaves, fried liver with red onions, kibbe, hummus, iskender, and baklava. Every item was fresh and full of flavor. Cafe Orchid's BYOB policy went a long way to keep the bill in check, and when I say "long way," I really mean from here to the moon.

Here's the fat:

2 orders of kibbe fried mixture of ground lamb, bulgar, and pine nuts shaped like mini footballs and served with thin yogurt
2 orders of stuffed grape leaves
1 feta platter feta, olives, sausage, tomatoes, honeydew melon
1 order of hummus
1 order of fried liver with red onions

1 order of iskender like gyros meat, served atop bread that soaks up juices and yogurt sauce and covered with chunky tomato sauce
2 orders of manti Turkish ravioli that is reminiscent of gnocchi, served drenched in garlicy yogurt sauce and finished with either melted butter or tomato sauce
1 order of roasted chicken with rice

2 orders of baklava super delicious and buttery, and I normally don't like honey
2 cups of Turkish tea

5 or 6 bottles of wine (I lost count) brought from outside of the restaurant. There is no corkage fee at Cafe Orchid.

And here's the skinny:
$23.00 per person, tax and tip included.

That's right, $23 measly dollars for an absolute feast! You've spent way more than that on dumber things (I know you ordered that Snuggie), and less tasty meals. Cafe Orchid hooks you up with great, fresh, home style food at a great price. Return that Snuggie and treat yourself to a fantastic meal at Cafe Orchid, or enjoy it in the comfort of your own home with delivery or take away.

Cafe Orchid
1746 W. Addison
Chicago, IL 60613


diana said...

And when I asked if there was a corkage fee, the woman looked at me like, what is that. Highly recommended.

clay h said...

man, i wish i went with you guys. i have tried to get people to go there but to no avail... so i went by myself. 1 order of hummus, i think i got another app, 1 order of iskender, some baklava and a Turkish coffee later and i was ready to burst. would have been fun to share with others...