Wednesday, January 21, 2009


tid·bit (tĭd'bĭt') Pronunciation Key
n. A choice morsel, as of gossip or food: "The book is chock-full of colorful tidbits about theater and theater people" (Alec Guinness).

Welcome to the first installment of Tidbits. The notion of physically sitting down to write and revise a lengthy blog entry makes me nauseous as of late. I've already apologized for the lack of content in the past month. It's not for lack of subject matter; I've been doing a lot of good marketing, dining out, and drinking lately. To curtail the workload on you and me, I've decided to start a selection of sleeker posts, pared down to give you maximum information and/or maximum entertainment about the Chicago food scene. Let me know what you think!

Also, I just like saying the word out loud. Tidbits. Tidbits. Tidbits!

Tidbit Cellar Rat, an indy wine shop on North Avenue, is owned by Dean Schlabowske. He's a former buyer for Binny's or Sam's or one of the other big boxes. "Corporate Wine Still Sucks," the store's motto, is displayed prominently in the window. At a free tasting on Saturday, I asked a question about a wine that was poured. Schlabowske, looking very put out from having to answer questions from peons potential customers, was appallingly patronizing as he uttered, "Burgundy is a region in France."

Um, thanks dude, I already know that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my business over to Lush Wine and Spirits, where the non corporate juice is served with a lot less condescension.

Tidbit You know what's a really great idea? Taking coconut macaroons and putting them in a pastry crust. Brilliant! The folks at Real Tenochtitlán have morphed the flourless chewy cookies into a tart, Pay de Coco y Almendra. I ate it with some of my best girls on Saturday, and have been dreaming about it since. Moist and incredibly flavorful, it outshone the rest of our meals.

Tidbit Damn it, Jim Oberweis is an asshole. He puts an addictive chemical in his chocolate milk that makes you crave it fortnightly, smartass!* Might as well get something free out of the bastard.

*Massive props to anyone who can name the movie!


Marisa said...

I am now craving coconut crust! It sounds delicious and I'm sorry I wasn't there to share it. I like the tidbits - they're like little nuggets I can take with me throughout my day.

ps - so i married an ax murderer. child's play beth. really.

Matt said...

As one with a large "heed," I am painfully aware of the movie of which you refer. Now, I will cry myself to sleep on my "huge pilla."
Cheeky bastard.