Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vino, anyone?

There's an event taking place a couple of blocks from my house this weekend - Winefest Chicago. It's a chance to sample a lot of different varietals and speak with wine makers and local chefs. I am particularly interested in going on Saturday afternoon to hear the presentation at 3:15, led by the folks from Lush Wine and Spirits, a great outfit run by people who are really enthusiastic about the beverages they carry. I might also be persuaded to go on Sunday, since it is conveniently located right outside my doorstep. Anyone want to join me for early drinks?


Rachel said...

Thanks for the post! On Sunday, LUSH Wine and Spirits is also presenting a seminar at 2:15pm on Wine and Food Pairing.

There are several wine vendors with wines from around the world, and through Lush, you can purchase any of them. These wines are meant to be accessible, delicious, and affordable!

Enjoy the lovely weekend with vino!

Rachel Driver

LUSH Wine and Spirits

Marisa said...

I would love, love, love to join you... however, proximity is an issue. What I propose is this - I will have my own wine tasting here in Montana using local wines (yes we have them, and some are quite tasty) at the very same time as winefest. It will be like we are there together! Cheers to you my dear!