Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grace's Best Cookies

The name doesn't lie. These tiny cookies are insanely good.

I'm nearly speechless over this bag of Sunflower Seed cookies, made by Grace's Best in Kansas. Whole Foods suckered me into their purchase with a strategically placed sample tray near the check out counter. One sample led to a second, and then a third (and probably a fourth), before I realized that I absolutely had to buy a bag, and to hell with the steep price tag. At $7.99 for 12 ounces, these are neither the cheapest nor most expensive cookies I've ever bought, but they are right up near the top of the tastiest ones.

These little gems are made with oats, sweet cream butter, and brown sugar The namesake sunflower seeds add just a hint of nuttiness, and add an extra dimension to the overall crunch of the cookie. Overall, the texture of the seeds is barely noticable; not at all like birdseed. My first instinct was to pour the cookies into a bowl, cover them with milk, and eat them for breakfast, but the bag didn't last long enough for that experiment. I'll sample the new "Cookie Crisp" cereal when I get my second bag from Whole Foods. You can also buy Grace's Best Sunflower Seed Cookies here. Don't waste time - buy them now, before I snatch up all available product!


jedi_Liz said...

I got them for $3.50 at HyVee in Lincoln, NE. I tried one sample and it was SOOOO good, I put the Hy Vee brand molasses cookies back and got a bag of the Sunflower cookies instead.

Anonymous said...

These almond cookies are amazing. When I do not have time for my usual bowl of oatmeal or grits for breakfast, two or three or four of these work great to get me moving.

Anonymous said...

I live by the (or at least one of) factory that makes these sunflower seed cookies and was able to buy a case at their bi-annual charity cookie sale for $12...that's 27 bags of cookies. And, yes, they smell and taste SO good :)

Anonymous said...

I've only tried the sunflower seed cookies. They are AWESOME! Found them at Hyvee in Independence, Mo. So proud to buy a product that is Made in Missouri!!!