Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tallulah - Adding Insult to Injury

Day 20 of being laid up. Writing how long it has been makes it seem infinitely longer, and the end of this is still quite far off. Since I'm off my feet, I'm also off from work. The disability package that my employer offers is just enough to ensure that I am only slightly malnourished, but still able to function when I am able to return to them. There is no wiggle room in my finances right now, just a giant hole. A black, cavernous hole.

A normal person would naturally run down a list of costs that could be minimized during a time like this, and dining out would most likely be near the top of that list. I've never claimed to be normal. Giving up restaurants completely is out of the question, and cutting back just plain sucks.

There's a new restaurant in town, and I am dying (DYING) to try it, but it will have to sit at a distance for a few months. Tallulah is the new home of Troy Graves, former chef at Meritage!

I swooned when I read it the first time, and I swoon again as I write it. I loved Meritage. I still frown when I pass by; the old sign is still hanging out on Damen Avenue, its paper-covered windows concealing what was once great. Tallulah might be the antidote. It may be the place that makes me forget my old love. Thus far, it's received great reviews. Although I wish I could go right now for a late dinner, I'll look on the bright side: When I am able to afford Tallulah in three months, the newbie chatter will have died down and it won't be crowded, the outdoor patio will be open, and I'll be cast-free.


MBK said...

Why don't you swoon over Omega?

Nif said...

Oh, you'll be there in one week!!!!