Sunday, March 30, 2008


The logical process that led up to making cookies was as follows:

1. Yesterday, spent copious amounts of time watching Food Network, including an hour-long contest for the galaxy's best cookie. Also read this month's issue of Gourmet magazine. My media consumption made me yearn for edible consumption.

2. My leg's been feeling pretty damn good. Experiment #1 - Can I accurately measure dry ingredients without falling over?

3. Moving day is about a month away. It's time to start cleaning out the pantry. A quick survey of available goods includes a barely touched jar of Vegemite, a tin of Foie Gras, and several expired packets of yeast. Experiments #2-5 - Figuring out how to disengage the rocks that were once my brown sugar. I suppose I should have shut the bag a little tighter 6 weeks ago, when I last used it.

So, they're definitely not the best cookies I've ever made, but hey, I made something! Standing on one leg during the mixing process proved to be a little strenuous, but not impossible.

Tomorrow my hard cast is being cut off and I get a removable boot. Physical therapy starts too. Hopefully, only two more weeks until I'm back to work!


MBK said...

Here's how you can use the Vegemite:

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