Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm not living, I'm just killing time...

The post title is lyrics from Radiohead's True Love Waits, a beautifully depressing song. Fortunately, I'm no where near that level of desperation. I'm just bored. In fact, I've created a whole new level of boredom right here in my little apartment!

It's been about 100 hours since I slipped and broke myself. It feels more like 1,000. I've watched several DVDs. I've flipped through magazines and plodded through a boring book. Ordinarily I don't watch very much television, but these past few days have been anything but ordinary. Hell, I must have spent a solid 45 minutes staring at the ceiling yesterday while I was icing and elevating!

Thankfully, I am not in much pain. At age 28, this is my first broken bone, and I'm very happy that it's a mild case. There is no dislocation, only two breaks to my fibula, neither of which went all the way through the bone. Tomorrow I pay a visit to the orthopedic Doctor for my hard cast and more details about how long it will be before I can be on my feet again. It's very strange to go from running around and being very active at work to sitting on your ass all day. I think I would prefer the ability to run around with the option to relax over this forced vacation.

Thanks to all of you who've given me a hand over the past few days with groceries, cleaning, company, and all the other little stuff that's really a big help right now! My mom brought me a desk chair that has wheels which has been particularly handy. It's pretty tough to carry things from one place to another while crutching around. Rolling through the apartment for a glass of water is much easier that hopping on one leg. Speed, however, can get quite excessive, as the floors are all hardwood and ever-so-slightly slanted. That thing cruises! I bet my downstairs neighbor wants to beat me senseless.

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mtc said...


Sara told me about your fall - sorry to hear you're laid up.

I'd be happy to come and visit sometime.

Email me your phone number so we can talk.


Your cousin Michael