Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pardon me, but do you have any...

Malcolm Gladwell became one of my favorite writers when I was assigned to read The Tipping Point for a communications class at Marquette. His way with language transforms insufferable topics into something interesting. A lot of his work involves products, brands, and ideas that are familiar to the general public, but he presents them in a way that most of us haven't thought of before.

Gladwell is a regular columnist for The New Yorker. Read his thoughts about ketchup, and how there may be no such thing as the perfect marinara sauce, here.

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Matt said...

Gladwell had a great contribution to this past New Yorker. He challenged the credibility of "criminal profilers" by comparing them to fortune tellers and psychics. He describes the age old techniques utilized by these charlatans and showed how the FBI profilers do the same thing. Very compelling.