Thursday, October 4, 2007

Paris, Je T'Aime

A week in Paris is not nearly long enough, but it's far better than no time at all.

The French can make anything seem fabulous. Even franks and beans.

It rained often during our time there, but no matter. Whenever a drizzle started, we headed for the nearest cafe to drink, snack, and smoke until it cleared. Paris is a fantastic city for lounging.

On one of these stops we came upon a place that we won't soon forget, O'Vinea. It looked like any other from the outside, but inside we were treated to an audible feast that included Pink Floyd, Credence Clearwater Revival, The Eurythmics, Nirvana, Metallica, Elvis Costello, Snoop and Dr. Dre, The Police, Black Sabbath, Velvet Underground, and James Brown. The good tunes were selected by our friendly server, who didn't speak a word of English, but knew all of the lyrics to the songs he was playing. It was a lovely juxtaposition. He was also selling original chalkboard graffiti. The charcuterie plate we had with our wine was also really nice.

We made a few new friends, ate great things, drank a lot, walked for miles, and even danced on a table or two, but only after the locals got up and did it first. It was a splendid week, and proof why travel during vacation should be mandatory.

More pictures here, but be warned that they are mostly of food, art, and foliage.

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Colleen said...

J'adore your pics! You have some beautiful photos. Looks like it was a lovely time. Let's hang out soon. BYE!