Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Summer Eats

It nearly reached 100 degrees in Chicago today, so although Labor Day marked the unofficial end of summer, the heat wave rolls on. I love it, as long as there is an escape route that involves central air conditioning.

Yesterday's holiday got me thinking about all of the great things I have eaten this summer. There have been some fantastic meals, a few lovely picnics, and many good times.

Notable fare, Summer 2007:

Stone Fruits. Apricots, plums, peaches, nectarines.

Watermelon Muddle Cocktail at De La Costa. Cool refreshment in a 16 ounce tumbler.

Countless Wrigley Field hot dogs, fresh blueberries, and more gelato than one person should ever eat with Dave.

Strawberries. I already miss them.

Locally roasted Intelligensia coffee from Linz and Vail, the espresso bar that opened next door to Tags. It kept me alert on countless days.

Figs. I made some nice little cakes with fresh figs at the base and a rosemary infused caramel sauce.

Anything I could think to make with all of the amazing herbs that Sara and Rob planted and gave me. See above for one example. There's also been a lot of sweet corn with chive butter, and tomato and basil bruschetta.

Kebabathon. Nate brought an entire leg of lamb to the park, cubed it, and seasoned with curry and cinnamon. It was fantastic. We drank High Life and played frisbee all day.

Seu Jorge at Ravinia, amidst the cicadas. They're wonderful dining companions.


Anonymous said...

uh huh......

As if I had to convince you to partake in the gelato eating? Perhaps this may ring a bell..."You're just upset because I asked for half and half gelato and got a lot more than you did".

Beth said...

Clearly you're still upset about it. I hope you learned your lesson.