Monday, July 9, 2007

And if you don't you know.

I am opening up a pastry shop in Wilmette. Give yourself a moment to freak out. I needed one when I realized the amazing opportunity I was given.

A few months ago an old coworker put me in touch with her friend who is a restaurateur. He owns a great sushi place and is interested in expanding his business portfolio into the pastry world. His sushi spot is quite successful, with a second location on the way. He's got fantastic credentials and preapproved financing but wants someone to run the pastry place for him. After all, sushi is sushi, and baked goods are a whole other story.

After several meetings, the planning is finally underway. I've been struggling through a lot of research, and hoping that this is the boring part. Sourcing vendors - who's going to deliver cake flour at the most reasonable price? Where can I find raspberries that aren't frozen? How much will we pay per year for pest control? I've been doing a bit of menu planning also, but it's still in the infancy stage, so all I'll say is we're going for the highest of high end. Everything will be eaten first with the eyes, then with the mouth. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

I feel like I've brainstormed for hours with numerous people about naming the place, but still I've got nothing. Feel free to throw things out. I'm all ears.

We are hoping to open in February or March, which is not the busiest time of year for a pastry shop to cut it's teeth, but perhaps it will be good to ease into things.

Most days, I am pretty sure I can pull this off.


the agnostic servant said...

so the name isn't dr. poopensteins greasy turdletburgers n things?

Nif said...

That's so fucking awesome, (((BETH))). I knew you would do it. If you need ANYTHING please let me know. I'm willing to help paint, set-up, and bake some, etc. Let me know. I want to go see it. Let me know when you're going up there.