Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I finally got around to planting basil. A month ago I had grand ideas of planting several kinds of herbs; parsley, thyme, mint, maybe dill. Time got away from me and it never happened, but I couldn't resist a basil plant for $1.39 at the produce market. Basil is supposedly foolproof. My coworkers tell me they stuck theirs in the dirt and minutes later the things had grown six inches. Perhaps that's a little dramatic, but it is supposed to grow quite easily with very little care. Somehow on my last go-around I managed to kill my plant within days. This time will be better.

So, here's my new pet, Lou. Hope he does okay in that coffee can. This is urban gardening at it's worst.


Nif said...

When are you inviting me over for a basil dinner?

Anonymous said...

Does Lou's house have a hole in the bottom for drainage? DON'T DROWN LOU!