Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Have I undergone a labotomy?

I spent 13 hours at work today, doing nothing but mini pastries. Over and over, making and decorating tiny little desserts no larger than 2 bites. The final count for the day was over 300 dozen pieces. My brain feels like soup. It's not exactly stimulating work.

Tag's Mini Pastry List (more for my future reference, but read through if you're so inclined):
Strawberry Petit Fours
Raspberry Petit Fours
Lemon Petit Fours
Sacher Petit Fours (chocolate and apricot)
Mocha Petit Fours
Chocolate Petit Fours
Truffle Brownie Petit Fours
Chocolate Orange Truffles
Mini Fruit Tarts
Cream Puffs
Mini Canollis
Mini Cheesecakes

Good news waited at home. There are photos from our truck, and more specifically of my cupcakes, from the Guerrilla Truck Show last night. (Photos 14 and 15, if you're impatient.) The show went off splendidly. Three cheers for people like Amelia who make you think outside the box, who draw you into worlds you might never have known existed.

Take advice from some intelligent dwarfs. Whistle while you work. Especially if you're working as much as I am these days.


Nif said...

That was cool.
How are you,Beth?

Anonymous said...

Love your cupcakes! Looks like it was a really interesting event! ~Meg O