Friday, June 15, 2007

Does Not Compute

Yesterday I was working on a wedding cake when I realized that I needed help fast. I needed to know how much ribbon was necessary to border each of the tiers, and in order to equate that, I needed to know the formula for circumference.

Math's never been my strong suit. Left brain, right brain, whatever. I have always loathed math.

Flash back to sixth grade: numerous nights spent sitting at the table in the basement, poured over an algebra book with Dad, who majored in mathematics as an undergraduate. I remember moments of tension and irritation, nearing tears, as he tried to explain over and over what I just couldn't grasp. He never gave me the answers. Dad always pushed me to figure out the problems on my own. A little bit quiet, yet fully supportive. I'm sure he was just as frustrated as me.

I called Dad yesterday and laughed a little when I asked him for the formula, which of course he spewed out without hesitation. C = 2Pie*(r). Lifesaver, and not for the first time. Probably not the last time, either. He was happy to help, wanted to know what I was using the equation for. I joked that I never expected all of those teachers to be right, that all of those dreadful math lessons would be applicable in daily life. I am forced into a lot of numbers at work, and most of the time it makes my head hurt. Dad gravely responded, "It's a mathematical world."

It's a really precious gift to have parents like mine. Happy Father's Day a couple days early. Thanks for all of the help along the way.

*Cut me a little slack. I don't know how to type the symbol for Pi, and after all, this is a blog mostly about baking.

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