Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Fresh Strawberries

It's still a bit early in the season, but right now I am eating strawberries for the first time since last season. Strawberries are something that I avoid buying out of season for several reasons.

1. Although they can be deceptively lovely, they taste like 100% water in the winter months.
2. They can also be as hard as an apple.
3. Customers pay a pretty penny (maybe even $4.00 per pound) to eat gorgeous strawberries that taste like water and crunch like apples.

Need I say more? Seasonal food movements have made a lot of progress in recent years. There is another reason to support seasonal food theories, other than the obvious health benefits that come along with eating fresh produce. After months of foregoing underwhelming fruit or veg, there is the anticipation of eating something truly delicious.

Strawberries are a prime example. In the off season, which is about nine months out of the year, they taste like nothing. But come June/July (admittedly, I have jumped the gun a bit this year), they are one of my favorite fruits. These are good. They're sweet and fragrant. They don't need anything added to enhance their flavor, as they're very nice on their own. In the next few months I will buy strawberries like crazy and eat them with reckless abandon, because come late summer, my personal embargo is back on.

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Nif said...

They say that one of the top fruits to buy organic are strawberries.