Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dirty Laundry

I am sitting in the laundromat, yet again, lamenting the fact that I go through clean clothes at the speed of sound.

It really is quite nice to wear yoga pants and hoodies to work, to not care at all how you look, just as long as you're clean when you walk in the door. It's comparable to waking up in the morning and switching out sleeping pajamas for work pajamas. I'm not complaining. It's wonderful, except when laundry day rolls around, Since I get so darn dirty at work, laundry day rolls around way too often. Laundry day is also very expensive because generally I don't want to wash my regular clothes with my chocolate-raw egg-shortening covered workwear.

It would be great if the bakery would institute a uniform, preferably a nice white chef's coat, and would launder them for us at daily intervals. That would make me so happy. I haven't worn a chef's coat regularly since culinary school. Occassionally I wore one at Alliance when I was giving a wedding cake tasting. It would be cool to wear one. As dorky as it is, I feel proud in one.

I wear Dansko clogs. They are, by far, the most comfortable shoes to stand in all day. They last forever. I've had my current pair for three years and they still feel great. I kind of wish they'd wear out so I could justify these.


Nif said...

Go out and buy them. No justification needed.

Duke said...

i agree.

get the freakin' lab coat, already!

homaru cantu and his staff wear them, and they look like bad-ass culinary super-villains. (mad scientists more exciting than heroes)

but congrats on blogging your dirty laundry.