Monday, March 5, 2007

This and That

I have to go into Take the Cake today and tell Mary I'm not going to take the job with her...I'm freaking out about it, but I know it's the right decision. The money's not right, the lack of health insurance definitely isn't right, and there's something else missing too. Regardless, I feel awful going in today, after training with her for six weeks, to tell her it's not going to work out. Feels like a break up, and no one likes those.

My roommate made cookies yesterday and I ate one. Don't judge me. I'm back on the wagon until NYC, when I'm giving myself absolution to eat whatever I want. I'm not passing up black-and-white cookies, assorted goodies at cream tea, and whatever else comes my way while we're there.

A question came into my head when I was in the grocery the other day. How come prepackaged chicken breasts come in threes? Chickens certainly don't have three boobs. I don't think the average American family has three people. It's probably a cost issue. Perhaps the styrofoam container that holds three is the most cost-efficient. I'm just curious...

Also curious how it is possible that a package of spinach I bought a month ago is somehow still looking fresh. It's been opened in my fridge for just as long. I forgot about it for quite some time, and when I came upon it yesterday I was shocked and appalled that the leaves are not at all wilted or decomposing. That's scary.

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Jonathan said...

Whatever. You can't take a job that doesn't feel right. I had 3 offers on the table before getting one that felt like the right one, and after I took that one, I was soooooo glad I waited and went for the right thing.

And if those other 3 chefs hold it against me, screw 'em (although it was a little weird listening to myself tell Spago Beverly Hills that I wasn't interested in working there).