Friday, March 30, 2007

Second Showdown Installment

Wednesday night the usual suspects got together for the second round of cooking competition, gluttonous eating, and other random fun-ness. That's not a word.

Anyway, Wednesday's theme was pork tenderloin. Make all the jokes you want, but I am pretty sure that we coined them all, in the weeks just prior to the meeting of our loins.

Simone, Nathaniel, and I prepared pork. All three had quite different flavors, and we were happy that they were cooked perfectly. Nate, who is perhaps the best host I have ever met, covered the rest of the bases - sides, homemade strawberry rhubarb pie, and little potted spider plants with special inscriptions to take away. The side of my pot says "I had sexual relations with your significant other's younger sibling." Another pot said, "I have shat better dinner guests." It was that kinda party.

Simone's pork, lovingly named Adolf for her native land, was spectacular. She definitely deserved to win the battle. Wrapped in Serrano ham (leave it to a German to wrap pork in pork, eh?) and smothered in a lovely sauce with halved figs and papaya slices, it was meaty and very light at the same time. I remember joking about how figs are such a "sexy fruit," and getting a lot of blank stares back.

Nathaniel's tenderloin, Romeo, was crusted with dijon, garlic, breadcrumbs, and fresh herbs.

Mine was marinated in homemade teriaki sauce and served with Asian jus. She was called Soon-yi.

First course was a slightly spicy stewed tomato florentine soup made with special tomatoes that Nate's mom canned and sent him. Alongside the meats, Nate made a red potato and parsley mash and really lovely roasted asparagus with lemon, butter, and parmesan. His pies were a smash. This man can cook!

Since Nathaniel and I tied (AGAIN), we'll be facing off once more. Date TBA.

Thanks Simone for the photos!
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At it again Jen said...

And I was invited....(again)?

Sounds like you guys had fun. Can I come to the next one, or are you scared of me?

Duke said...

beth, i love how you're so conscious of word selections. but i don't think you should worry about it--i make up words all the time...sometimes i even get paid for it.

great times the other night...see you soon!