Monday, March 19, 2007


Diana and I arrived in New York City in the middle of a miserable winter storm. With all of the snow, sleet, and wind we were lucky to have made it there at all.

Despite the weather, we had a fabulous time. Both of us agree that the best part of the weekend was our meal at Blue Ribbon on Friday night, although it was technically Saturday morning.

Blue Ribbon is an institution in the NYC culinary scene. It's been around for 14 years, which is equivalent to eternity in New York, where restaurants come and go every day. Chefs tout it as the place to dine after work. The kitchen stays open until 4:00 am.

Although we had some problems getting there (not a taxi in sight and a broken high heel), once we were inside Blue Ribbon we were glad we had literally weathered the storm. The place is tiny and dark, perfect for long meals and conversation.

Sean Lennon sat 20 feet from us, and some guy from VH1's "Best Week Ever" was even closer.

The insanely good-looking, all male staff treated us like royalty. Diana fell a little in love with the friendly host, who turned us on to a great bottle of Australian syrah and sent out free dessert.

We shared foie gras with candied apple shavings and toasted challah. I had grilled pigeon with barley and sweet potato puree. Diana had fried chicken and mashed potatoes. Our comped dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with a trio of ice creams and chocolate sauce.

The food was killer, the service was killer, and it was so very "New York" that it all went down between 1:30 and 3:30 am.

Pics from the rest of the trip...
Eating at a French cafe in Brooklyn
The St. Patrick's Day Parade that wouldn't end...

5 Pointz, Long Island City, Queens

Manhattan from Central Park
All they serve is rice pudding.

We bought matching snow boots. We didn't have a choice.
Somewhere in Soho
Pop Burger

The Met


Duke said...

//random thoughts re: your latest entry//

"NYC" = my favorite interpol song.

sean lennon - i think i actually have a cd he's on...butter8? (cibo matto side project)

the restaurant host that diana fell in love with...did it remind you of that cafe in paris w/the waiter...JEAN LUC?!

i'll be here sippin' my international house of coffee...ahahaa

welcome back!

the agnostic servant said...

butter 08 = i know my chicken.

sean lennon is hit or miss. mostly miss. but he's forgiven - just a little pressure.

the picture of you in front of the graf wall is ridiculous. nice one.

can you possibly live in chicago now that you've been to nirvana and back?

At it again Jen said...

I :heart: NYC!