Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Love My Heritage

Thanks to the Pogues for reuniting with their original singer, Shane MacGowan and touring through Chicago for 2 nights. These guys have been around forever, but they play their shows with so much energy, you'd think it was their first. The crowd loved them on both nights.

Thanks to all my Irish bretheren, who drink like they're dying tomorrow, and tip like they're Trump. There is no sound like the whiz that escapes when opening a can (yes, a can) of Guinness, and there's no comparison between Jameson and Jack Daniels.

Special thanks to the guy who bought two beers and left $86 in my jar. Sometimes it's good to look Irish, I guess. That made my whole week.

My feet are very swollen from jumping around in inappropriate footwear.


Anonymous said...

It's brethren not bretheren!

At it again Jen said...

It is a lovely sound, especially if you're pouring the Guinness for yourself. Thank you, Eddie for all the free beer this weekend. I asked, and had 3.

My friend felt really bad when you left Floyd's w/ your beer spilt on pants. He wanted to buy you a round. It was good to see you, Beth.

Beth said...

Spelling error = noted. It was early and I didn't get much sleep. I forgot to run the spell check. :)

At it again Jen said...

Hey anonymous.....What's wrong w/ telling Beth she spelled a word wrong using your real name? Pussy!