Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Death of Romance

I spent the afternoon at Oakbrook Hills Country Club. Kristin asked me to accompany her and Colin to their wedding menu tasting. I wish I could say that we were pleasantly surprised, but the fare was exactly what you would expect for a country club wedding. That is to say that everything was extremely average.

There was chicken. Grilled chicken breast, chicken wellington, chicken stuffed with goat cheese, chicken with some kind of tasteless brown sauce.

There was salmon. Salmon with chardonnay cream sauce. Salmon with soy glaze. There was also some kind of halibut with Italian herbs.

There was filet mignon, of course. Filet with your choice of four sauces, which all looked exactly the same and were not labeled.

Roasted root vegetables with no flavor. Really lovely, thin whole carrots with long green tops and no flavor. Some veggie medley that included pearl onions, peas, tomato ragout, but still no flavor.

Four kinds of potatoes. Butternut squash soup. Cream of mushroom soup. Three kinds of green salads with assorted dressings. Shrimp cocktail, grilled shrimp, crab claws, oysters, mussels, sushi. Cheese plates with crackers and dried fruits. Blah blah blah.

Two different wedding cake vendors, a large sweet table. Cherries jubilee, bananas foster, some peanut brittle and ice cream thing, tiramisu, triple chocolate mousse. I don't even have to say it...

Two dirty vodka martinis helped to ease the pain. There was no way you could possibly try everything, or even want to. It was all so impersonal, and it made me a little sad that this is how most people do it, shelling out mega-bucks to feed your guests things that are just barely passable, as if that's any kind of celebration.

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This is why we should open a Wedding Catering Business.