Monday, March 12, 2007

61 Degrees at the Lake

The first few days of spring in Chicago are amazing. You can feel the winter hibernation ending. People walk an extra few blocks instead of taking CTA, and you can actually see skin peeking out from lighter clothes. Dogs go crazy, like they haven't been let out in months. Stores leave their doors open to the streets. Barbecues are the best smell in the entire world.

I'm not sure there is anywhere I'd rather be than Chicago when the weather is compliant.

Tonight, going to Schubas to see The Prototypes, a French electo-pop band. Andy tells me they had a song in an iPod commercial, but I'm unfamiliar. They're opening for All Smiles, a band started by the former guitarist from Grandaddy. Seems like there will be a sudden drop in energy going from the first to the second band, but it should be fun regardless.

Go outside and do something!

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the agnostic servant said...

SALOPE! les prototypes son mon group!!!!

let me know if they play exister