Monday, February 19, 2007

Nerves and Ground Meat

Oh man, sometimes I get so nervous to cook for people for the first time. Usually it only happens if I really like a guy and he's coming for dinner. Tomorrow night though, a small gathering of friends might just turn my stomach inside out. And it's not just because it is MEATLOAF SHOWDOWN TUESDAY. Haha!

Nathaniel and I came up with the idea to have a meatloaf showdown after several rounds of drinks. He thinks his is the best. He's probably wrong. We invited a bunch of people over to be impartial judges. Contest commences tomorrow night. Details of the outcome to follow.

I am super nerdy.


thebza said...

beth - you know i'd love to be there (have i ever turned down a meal? my gullet says no), but i regret to inform you i'll be dining at charlie trotters. it's obviously a distant second to ground beef showdown, but i can't cancel this late in the game.

ps - haha.

Beth said...

You are dead to me.

Check your email for some interesting speculations about Chuck and his restaurant. Perhaps it holds the questions you are searching for?

Can't wait to hear all about the meal!

Diana said...

i am so sad that i wont be at the showdown, considering i was there when you and nathanial came up with the idea. i also wont be dining at charlie trotters. no my dinner will be significantly sadder than both.

Mister said...

It was a tie! when do I get them pictures?