Thursday, February 15, 2007

Multimedia Frenzy

Download Sleeveheart/Heartsleeve: A Valentine's Mix, a very fun mix from my friend Duke, who also happens to be the Clubs Editor at New City. As he describes it, the first half is for the hearts who have been jilted, and the second half is for the hearts who have been recently melted. On the whole, it's just good fun. I listened to it yesterday morning while I dug my car out of the snow, and again today while I made meatballs. Any mix that includes a remix of New Order's "Blue Monday" with samples from Depeche Mode's "Strange Love" is something you should hear.

Read about the sassy conversation hearts that Alliance Bakery made again this year. Nice press for my old friends. I miss coming up with those sayings!

Rent The Green Butchers. It's hilariously disgusting.

And not that it's a form of media, but eat at Andalous, a Morrocan BYOB in Lakeview. Beware of the waitstaff trying to upsell you, but definitely order the combination appetizer.

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Duke said...

thanks fer posting, beth!

sleeveheart/heartsleeve tracklist & cover art here...

if you're looking for a more bumpworthy mix, just above sleeveheart on is xbumprobot vol. 1, a non-gimicky mix i recorded in november...