Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Know your rights...

Legislation passed at the beginning of the year that may be of interest to you...not that any of you would actually leave an unfinished bottle of wine on the table. Lushes.

Developments that might affect your drinkin' in Land of Lincoln* Video: Illinois wine to go

Bill Daley

January 3, 2007

With everyone back home after the holidays, what better time to focus on wine developments in our own state of Illinois? Here is what's going on in the Land of Lincoln:

You CAN take it with you

No longer do Illinois diners have to drink up or leave a half-full bottle of vino sitting on the restaurant table.

A new state law went into effect on Jan. 1 allowing you to bring that baby home, as long as the bottle is recorked and placed in a transparent, tamper-proof bag. You have to have eaten a meal at the restaurant, according to the law, and the staff must provide you with a dated receipt for the wine (just in case you get stopped by the cops on the way home).

Illinois is not alone in passing so-called "cork-and-carry" laws. About 40 other states have similar legislation, including Wisconsin, Michigan and Missouri.

Carryout laws like this have sparked a new business in tamper-proof bags designed for one-time use. There are several vendors restaurants can turn to.

The Illinois Restaurant Association is trying to spread the word.

"If you serve wine, be sure to educate your managers and staff on the new law," the association Web site declares. "It will be your responsibility to let your customer know that they can now take a bottle home if they choose."

But what happens if the restaurant is ignorant of the law and/or doesn't have any carryout bags? Apparently, the customer is stuck having to drink up or leave the bottle behind, said Andrew Ariens, the association's communications director.

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