Thursday, February 22, 2007

Going Without

If I seem a bit edgy in the upcoming weeks, it's because I am desperately missing my sugar fix. I've decided to give up sweets for Lent.

Technically, it's got nothing to do with God, but it is fasting which is a Lenten ritual, and 40 days seems to be a good amount of time to try this experiment. Except probably 39 days, 10 hours, and 15 minutes too long.

I'm doing it because I've been eating a bunch of mediocre stuff lately. Dried out cakes, frosting made solely with shortening, milk chocolate, etc. I'm a little concerned that access to all of these sub par "treats" is ruining the really good stuff for me. Perhaps I don't appreciate something really divine because I'm inundated with the earthly? (There's the God talk again.) So, I'm forcing my taste buds into a vacation. Hopefully, all of the craving for sugar in any refined form will be inspiring in some way.

People that work in kitchens are supposed to taste everything, but I'm not worried about it. Where do you think I've been getting all of the run-of-the mill stuff from, anyway? The folks at Tags are not big on change. They've been making the same products since their ovens were first fired up in 1937. Besides that, there are many other people who are more than willing to try the goods. I'll leave it to them.

At the very least, I bet I lose at least five pounds.

Don't even worry about my wicked coffee addiction. I take it black. There's no need for sweetener.


the agnostic servant said...

1. why don't you just give up refined sugar? or crummy sweets?

2. charlie would not approve. cooks must taste EVERYTHING.

3. peace be with you.

At it again Jen said...

You can drink the coffee I can't, and I will eat the sweets you can't. That should make for an interesting time at the local coffee house....

Beth: "Ahhhhhh, this coffee is so goood."

Jen: "Mmmmmmmmmuffins."

KatMcQ said...

I'm laying down a twenty that says you go into a full-blown sugar coma on Easter Sunday!