Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For the Love of Chocolate

Saturday night Mary asked me to accompany her to For the Love of Chocolate, a benefit held in support of Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP). She had a booth to promote her line of "Ugly Truffles." Genius marketing and very tasty product.

Left to right: Messed Up Mocha, Hairy Coconut, Oozy Boozy Caramel, Hot Mexican, Homely Hazelnut,Put Your Clothes On Chocolate, Morning After Merlot

We also offered mini Red Velvet cupcakes filled with cream cheese icing and topped with chocolate ganache. Their vibrant color elicited many questions.

There was a chocolate wedding cake competition. If I had known, I would have competed. Here's a couple of cakes I liked, but neither of them placed. Some of the others were...less than stellar...

There was also a fashion show, where pastry chefs were paired with local fashion designers to create clothing from chocolate. There were some very avant-guarde looks. It all seemed uncomfortable.

Then, midway through the night, the discomfort started to show.

I got a good deal on an 11 lb. block of Callebaut, 70% cocoa, so I decided to do a little chocolate production of my own. My kitchen table on Sunday afternoon:

Left to right: Rum + Walnut, Balsamic Vinegar + Pistachio, Caramel + Salt, Orange, Green Tea + Sesame

The Balsamic is definitely my favorite of the four, although the caramel is quite nice too. The sesame definitely needs work, or rather, it needs a whole lot less sesame. It overpowered the green tea completely, and the orange doesn't come through until you've nearly swallowed the thing. Ah well, you all can decide. If you see me any time in the next week, prepare to be gifted. I've got boxes and boxes for all of my lovelies. Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for making my days so bright.

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At it again Jen said...

If it takes me to move to Chicago to be your guinea pig, well, then I'm moving ASAP. BETH! Let's get together one weekend and cook our asses off. Mmmmmm red velvet cupcakes?!?!?! To DIE for.