Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bakery versus Bentley

My big sister came across this classified ad in the local newspaper:

Looking to Buy or Sell a Business - Business for Sale - Business Broker
Bakery/Sweet Shop - $89,000

Thriving bakery/pasty shop located in SW suburbs. Prepares custom wedding cakes, plus mouth-watering variety of breads, cookies, French pastries and more. Shop has excellent reputation in the community. Friendly, cheerful, charming!

Seems cheap, despite the location. You can't even buy a Bentley for $89K.

I bet it's very old, and that none of the equipment has been updated. I'm talking rotating ovens circa 1945, with chains that break in mid cycle, forcing you to turn the damn thing off, let it cool, and crawl inside to get the now-burnt product out. (Viva Alliance!)

In 3 years perhaps I'll open a shop of my own. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Besides you don't need a bakery in the Southwest Suburbs - it's much more hip in the FAR west suburbs like Naperville

At it again Jen said...

I'll help you open a shop, Beth.

Beth said...

Okay, "anonymous." But you know I like city life!

Jen - we'd never work. We would sit around, smoking cigarettes and talking about boys. :)