Saturday, January 13, 2007

Dininig with Brian

This is Brian.
Brian told me that he's not reading my blog because there are no photos. Situation resolved.
Brian's a great friend of mine. When he finds music he knows I'll like, he sends me copies. If I am down he brings me red velvet cupcakes. When I'm feeling really fine, he knows how to knock me off my high horse. Best of all, when I am being spastic, which is fairly frequently, he can look straight at me, roll his eyes, and tell me to calm down. He also has a really bitchin' sneaker collection. We dine out together often.
Last night he and I went to Hai Yen for Vietnemese food. I should preface - this was not a date.
Hai Yen just opened it's second location on Clark St, just south of Diversey. The original is near Argyle and Broadway.
We shared two appetizers. The first, Bo La Lot, was small pork and beef sausages wrapped in Hawaiian leaves. They were fantastic. The meat was sweet, and smokiness of the charred leaf played off it so well. The second, Tom Cuon Thit Nuoung, were medium sized shrimp wrapped in thinly sliced beef. They were grilled perfectly, but lacked flavor. Brian also had soup with crab meat and white asparagus that was nice and light.
Both of our entrees were great. I had chicken sauteed in a slightly spicy lemongrass sauce. The vegetables, green and red bell peppers and broccoli, were amazingly fresh. It was fantastic. Brian had chilean sea bass braised in caramelized sugar, garlic, and fish sauce. It came to the table steaming hot, and the fish filets were so tender they were falling apart. It was amazingly sweet. We consumed enough white rice to feed 10 starving children for 10 days.
Two thumbs way up for Hai Yen. Brian lives close enough for take-away...lucky guy.
In other news, Bloc Party is playing at Congress in mid-March. Think I will opt to attend the show rather than bartend so I can enjoy the show. Anyone want to come? It's free. :)
Seriously, pictures (real pictures of food) to come just as soon as I get the software for my camera sorted out. Right now I need to make Nathaniel's birthday cupcakes.
Happy weekending!

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thebza said...

awesome picture, jackass. you better put up a picture of a friend with some pigment, because between me and nathan, everyone is going to think you befriend albinoes exclusively.


you forgot that my plate principal was served in a stone crock/kettle thing at the temperature of 400 degrees celsius.