Saturday, January 6, 2007

Dancing as Man's First Form of Cardio

I'm just in from a night out at Smartbar to hear the great Peter Hook of New Order spin records. It's late, and I'm a sweaty mess, but it was such a great time that I need to get down some of the songs he played before I forget.

Maura and would have loved this.

Under the Influence - Chemical Brothers
Blue Monday - New Order
Regret - New Order
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Crystal - New Order
Temptation (some slowed down remake with a woman singing lovely drawn out vocals) - New Order
Transmission - Joy Division
Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division
Song 3 - Blur
Dare - Gorillaz
24 Hour Party People - Happy Mondays

It was everything you wished your prom would have been, only it was in a basement club in Chicago where you can purchase liquor. So glad Duke and Nate came out with me. Let me know if I forgot any tunes.


KatMcQ said...

Hey B~ I'm psyched that I got a mention on your blog! You are correct, I would have loved tripping down that memory lane with you at the Smartbar.

Maura said...


Love will tear us apart - I used to play that on my radio show!!!!

At it again Jen said...

Oh man Beth. I should have been with you at The Smartbar. Dammit Jim! Thingsandstuff and my plans of going out didn't pan out the way I wanted them to, sorry I didn't call.

duke said...

its funny to pogo while screaming "dance dance dance dance dance to the radio," because i can't remember the last time i danced to anything that was on the radio.'s my top 5 songs about radio:

"rock n roll" - velvet underground
"transmission" - joy division
"radio" - rancid
"tits on the radio" - scissor sisters
"ambulence" - tv on the radio

(ok, so this last song has nothing to do with radio, but i like it, and the band's name has "radio" in it, and i can't think of another radio song except r.e.m.'s "radiosong" which makes me'know)